About LETS


What is it?

A voluntary, non-profit making association of local people which enables them to exchange skills and services without using cash. This is a modern and versatile version of the bartering system.

Instead of cash, it has its own unit of exchange; in Richmond LETS the unit of exchange is the Cobble.

Members enter the goods and services they are offering or seeking in a Directory, and contact each other if they want to engage in a transaction.  When someone provides you with goods or services, you pay them in Cobbles, and your Cobbles account is debited; when you provide others with goods or services, they pay you, and your Cobbles account is credited.

Because no interest is charged on debit balances, you needn't worry about going into 'debt' - you can 'spend' what you want, and earn credits to restore your balance at leisure.

Richmond LETS also organizes  social events where friends and family are very welcome.