About LETS - Benefits





  • The system permits a genuine form of interest-free credit. It helps you make ends meet and improves the quality of your life by giving you access to goods and services as and when you need them. You can pay for them at your own pace.
  • It encourages people to maintain and develop skills and resources which might otherwise go to waste.  Whoever you are, YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER!
  • You can use the system as much or as little as you wish, and charge in a combination of Cobbles and Pounds Sterling.  If you would like to start your own business you can test out demand for your services cheaply and easily.  If you are unemployed you can make use of your neglected talents or discover new ones.
  • You will develop a wider network of social contacts in your local community. Through trading you will forge links with people you might otherwise never have met.  Regular social events are held where people meet and trade.