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Richmond LETS celebrates 20 years

LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems) are about local trading (without the need for money). LETS are open to all, and all kinds of skills are both valued and needed. They are grassroots schemes and need no specialist skills to operate.

Richmond and District LETS is a diverse group of people, ranging from schoolchildren to retired. Geographically, we are spread from Wensleydale and Swaledale, across the Vale of Mowbray and up to Darlington.

We meet during the second week of each month: In Feb/April/June/August/October & December on the evening of the 2nd Friday, at Richmond Community & Voluntary Action, Flints Terrace, Richmond. In Jan/March/May/July/September & November we meet on the 2nd Thursday at Jacalou Junction, Friary Gardens, Richmond.  The socials take on a slightly different energy.  At RC&VA we bring nibbles to share, whilst drinks are provided.  At both places it's fine to bring small items to trade.  Do feel free to come and meet us and find out more about LETS first-hand.